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Helping Those In Need, Not Only Our Four-Legged Friends

The girl in bed is Magdalena.

She is 37 years old. However, her brain is like a 7 months old baby. She was born with brain damage and her mother explained to us that when she was a baby the doctors just told her to feed her and keep her clean; that there was nothing else they could do.

She has been asking for help to the local government in San Francisco de Macorís, DR., to get at least a bed for people with special needs, which it could be comfortable for Magdalena and for her mother to better take care of Magdalena, but she hasn't received any answer from them.

A kind friend of the family built a metal support to raise the head of the bed a little bit to make things easier. We visited them again the next day in order to bring some medical and personal care supplies and help however we can.

We will continue knocking on doors and supporting them, trying to alleviate the situation of Magdalena and her mother. Thanks and many blessings to our supporters for helping us to help. We are a team! This is only one of the cases we tend to whenever we can.So far, we are supporting a group of 20 people with special needs in San Francisco de Macorís and surrounding rural areas.

To support Magdalena or any member of our special needs group, please make a donation with a note.

PBAF working for animals and people.

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